Jordan Seabright

Used Car Manager


Poole Audi

Meet Jordan

I’m Jordan, Used Car Sales Manager at Poole Audi. I have been a member of the team since 2015.
Being here for 8 years, I enjoy having a good relationship with the Sales Specialists and management team. My favourite memory is when I won Employee of the Year 2018.

I started at Poole Audi as a Trainee Sales Specialist in 2015 and since the I have worked hard to progress into the management team and become the Used Car Manager. For me, getting to train those starting out as well as my own team is a real privilege.

I understand what it’s like to start out with little knowledge and the importance of having the right help and guidance.  In doing so, I can help others achieve the best and further their careers here at Poole Audi. All this leads to a better customer experience.

My Journey

  • 2015 – Joined Poole Audi as a Trainee Sales Specialist
  • 2016 – Sales Specialist
  • 2021 – Transaction Manager
  • 2023 – Used Car manager

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